Since 1976.

Two generations of Shoemakers.

Francisco R. Pomares working at his office

Francisco R. Pomares – Founder

The Beginning

Born in the shoemaking city of Elche, Alicante, Spain, son of shoemakers, the life of its founder was always marked by two concepts: permanent displacements throughout the world, and international representation of the footwear.

Linked at the beginning the most important factories of the era of the 1970s such as KIOS, MIGUEL HERNANDEZ and others, in a short time became independent and created their own representation Office for international business of export and import.

The Development

From FRP Agencies, was purchasing agent of American, British, Dutch and Scandinavian companies, and in parallel also was Sales Manager for various factories devoted to export only.

Thanks to his knowledge of the international market of footwear and mastering several languages – English, French and ltalian, managed to build an excellent network of contacts and representations of large foreign companies that wanted to buy shoes here in Spain, reaching for example from 1980 to 1995, 45 factories producing footwear for export.


Today known practically throughout the world: Asia, the Americas, Oceanía and Europe, still represents companies that buy in Spain and at the same time have a special participation in two very important companies:

EDEL FASHION of Holland, which deals with the sale in Spain and Portugal.
JEFFREY CAMPBELL of the United States, which is also head of international sales with customers spread across more than 40 countries of the world.
JOYDIVISION, ecommerce and Jeffrey Campbell distribution all around Europe.